Anti-Bullying Week

For the past week, we have been looking at what bullying is and what we can do to prevent it. On Monday, each class performed their own poetry or song in front of the whole school.  Take a look at what each class created.

Maple Class made their own lyrics to the familiar tune “We Will Rock You”.

We Will, We Will Help You!

Verse 1

Feeling kind of blue and don’t know what to do,
Call on us and we will help you.
Just walk away,
Don’t be afraid to say,
You can help them too
By showing them what to do.

We will, we will,
Help you!
Help you!
We will, we will,
Help You!

Verse 2

Someone face is sad,
Has someone else been bad?
All you’ve got to do
Is tell an adult too.

We will, we will,
Help you!
Help you!
We will, we will,
Help You!

Verse 3

Feeling kind of bad,
Might be very mad,
Just walk away,
Don’t get in the way.

We will, we will,
Help you!
Help you!
We will, we will,
Help You!

Oak Class came up with their own lyrics to Taylor Swift’s version “Shake it off”.

Shake it off – our anti-bullying version.

We go St. Vincent’s school, it’s a very special week
We’ve got a lot to say mmm hmm, we’ve got a lot to say, mmm hmm.
We want to tell you, how to stop bullying
You can tell a teacher, so you are not crying.
But it can be scary
it will stop, so don’t worry
It’s a horrible feeling
But we’re saying it’s gonna be alright.
Cause otherwise the bullies will win, win, win.
If you don’t speak up, up up, up., up
Kids, it will not just shake, shake, shake,
It will not shake off, it will not shake off.
Bullying is not the thing to do, do, do
You need to be kind, kind, kind, kind, kind,
And if you do, do, do, do see it
Then tell someone, tell someone!

Silver Birch came up with lyrics to go with the familiar tune “The Wheels on the Bus”.

No Bullies at St Vincent’s

The children at St Vincent’s want to stop bullying, stop bullying, stop bullying

The children at St Vincent’s want to stop bullying in our school.

The receptions at St Vincent’s are being kind … And always will.

The year 1s at St Vincent’s are saying I’ll support you… every day.

The year 2s at St Vincent’s are playing with each other…all playtime long.

The year 3s at St Vincent’s want to help each other… by always being there.

The year 4s at St Vincent’s are including each other… so everyone is happy.

The year 5s at St Vincent’s are complimenting each other… so everyone is smiling.

The year 6s at St Vincent’s are sticking up for each other…all the time.

The teachers at St Vincent’s are saying we can help you… so talk to us.

Everyone at St Vincent’s is making the school better, so we are all safe.

Rowan Class created a class poem “The Big Bad Bully”

The Big Bad Bully

 Why pick on someone when they’re tall or small?
Don’t push them over, don’t let them fall.
Bullying is bad, it drives people mad.
Do not bully people because then they’ll be sad.

Don’t bully, it’s not cool.
Don’t do it at school.
Don’t call people names, or talk behind their back.
Don’t hurt their feelings, because that will make them crack.

Let’s give it a go, and become good friends
Since true friendship never ends.
If you ever need a hand, don’t be afraid to ask.
It’s not a hard task.