Junior Justice Enterprise win their first case…

Sauntering past the heart of the British justice system – The Old Bailey, Central Criminal Court – on their first day into work in the City of London, are our trainee defence lawyers in Rachel, Orla, Devonte, Matthew and Ruben.  That was before they went to work on defending their local small shops’ association against the uprising of the superstore on their patch in the guise of Broadfields!

An early start to the day was made in re-defining who they were in their new roles.  Appointing themselves the corporate title of JJE (Junior Justice Enterprise) they took up their case load!  They stood out consistently throughout the day for their teamwork and their leadership skills which were dutifully acknowledged by the team of lawyers who took time out from their own busy work schedules at the prestigious law firm Baker and McKenzie to guide them in their decision-making.

Ms Weekes, one of our Curriculum Governors and I worked with children across KS2 this past month and found it almost impossible to choose only five of our entrepreneurial children to represent St. Vincent’s at the Enabling Enterprise’s competition, as every one of the children who committed themselves to setting up their businesses showed real promise and delivered with panache.  We are very proud of how our young entrepreneurs, each with the potential to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems, have shown perseverance, positivity, understanding and resilience in delivering the highest quality of goods and services within one hour to come up with the princely sum of £231 for charity…. imagine how great the possibilities for them all if they use the lessons they have learned to go full steam ahead any time soon…

Well done to everyone who participated and to JJE for representing us all at St. Vincent’s – you have ‘done us proud’!