Change Maker Day Winners

In October 2016, Upper Key Stage 2 classes took part in Change Maker Day. Children dressed up as someone who had made a positive difference in their lives and/or to the world. There was an assembly and class based workshops provided on the day with a challenge of creating their own competition entry of what is a superhero to them.


Just Enough Charity said that the competition entries from the children (Superhero poster designs) were ‘imaginative, fun, colourful and so impressive’. Congratulations UKS2!


The winners were as follows:

Gold – Gabriela Zakrzewska

Silver – Gabriela Gomez Pavon & Helen Kozlowski

Bronze – Augustine Kanu

Runners Up – Sophie O’Flaherty, Rachel Jones & Kieran Lee


The winning posters are shown on the charity’s website (https://www.justenoughuk.org/new-page-3).