PE – Superhero Training

PE – Superhero Training

In Reception we have been training to become superheroes. On Monday afternoon we went to the hall for PE and discovered that our training involved building strong muscles and finding different ways to travel.

We began our lesson by feeling our resting heartbeat and talking about why it is important to warm up before any physical activity. During our warm up we played a game called Beans which involved a variety of different ways to travel around the room. We discussed the importance of being aware of our space and looking where we are going. After our warm up we felt our heartbeat again. Many children observed that their heart was beating faster.

PE - warm up

After our warm up we did a range of stretches and talked about our muscles – we even learnt the names of a few; triceps, biceps, abdominal, obliques, gluteus maximus and medius, quadriceps etc.

PE - hamstringsPE - triceps

At last our bodies were ready to begin our superhero training course. We split up into groups and did a carousel of activities. We practised moving in a variety of ways and developed our ability to manage risk by climbing high and jumping off benches safely.

PE through PE - wall bars PE up PE - tummy PE - back PE - sideways

Finally we played a game of sleeping lions to slow our heart rate. What a wonderful Monday afternoon we had, what a great way for us to build our vital writing muscles.

PE - cool down