The Natural History Museum

As an introduction to their new science topic about rocks and fossils, the children in LKs2 visited the Natural History Museum.

As well as exploring the museum’s exhibits about rocks, volcanoes, earthquakes, creepy crawlies and dinosaurs, the children took part in a fossil workshop.

They learnt about the job of paleontologists and the importance of the fossils they uncover.

The children handled real fossils and in teams, uncovered and classified a dinosaur fossil – we think we have some budding paleontologists among us!

I really enjoyed looking at the fossils in the workshop, the dinosaurs, mammals and learning about volcanoes and earthquakes. My favourite part of the day was when we went to the earthquakes area, the floor shook us as if an earthquake was happening which was really fun! – Tabitha

My favourite bit was when we went in the shops and it was like we were in the earthquake, like you were shaking. I liked it when we went into the room with the lady and we had to brush off and try to guess which dinosaur skull we had. When we were looking at the fossils, it was very interesting because they looked ordinary at first, but then you had to look closer and it had either tree leaves, or animal prints on it. When we went inside the area where there was an earth on the stairs, it was very interesting because it was so high it felt like you could fall off. – Charly

‘When we went to the Natural History Museum, my favourite bit was the Creepy Crawly house and the escalator because we went to the Earth’s core. We also had a workshop and we were paleontologists and got to uncover dinosaur bone fossils.’ – Evelyn

I enjoyed the Natural History Museum because there were things that I did not know and I learnt so much more and my friends found it interesting too. – Mia

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