Grenfell Tower

Humbled by your response to get help to at least some of those suffering the effects of Tuesday’s devastating destruction to Grenfell Tower, we are now working with all Catholic schools in the Westminster Diocese in making next Friday, 23rd June, a non-uniform Grenfell Tower Fire fundraiser day. We have always responded quickly and generously to crises around the world. Already children have been sending in their pocket money and thinking about what they can do to help. Fortunately this is a very rare and real opportunity for our children to understand the meaning of sacrifice and that children and families have been left with absolutley nothing. As one community here in London; we live, work and play alongside colleagues, friends and family of all races and all creeds. We all feel as one. We all see as one. We all cry as one and we do all pray as one. This week as a school we came together as one to join others to be at one in our support. St. Vincent only ever asked that we serve those in need; as Vincentians together we will do what we have been called to do and we will strive in doing so, to do the very best we can. Thank you to all of you who have started the process with us – we are truly grateful. God bless. Marie Tuohy