11th Hour…

11th Hour…

We have received notification, somewhat out of the blue, that our planning application is being presented to the Planning Committee this evening at 7pm at Hendon Town Hall.

Our team of advocates will aim to be there in good time to get a seat.

We have been allocated three minutes to present our case against some flawed conceptions of what the application is all about and will be presenting our brief in response to the fact that the benefits outweigh the disbenefits.

We are grateful for the support we have had to this point in protecting the inheritance of your children – we have done our best with a respectful team of professional ecologists and environmentalists.  Fundamentally, this is a bid to enhance the outdoor educational provision for the changing needs of children and families in a small community that is evolving on our doorstep.  If we do not keep abreast of our children’s needs of tomorrow, we are not considering in earnest our roles as stewards of their needs and the environment we will leave for them.

It is last minute, we were advised last minute, but if any of you wish to support us over this final hurdle – just by being there – this evening you will be making a stance for your personal stakeholdng in our very precious community and the support would of course be appreciated as a mark of how much preserving what is ours as ‘Mill Hillians’ means to us too.

Happy St Anthony’s Day… the finder of all things… if it is right to find those things!