Reception Project – What is Happy?

This half term in reception our project based learning driving question was ‘What is Happy?’. We made happy collages, happy handprints, discussed who and what makes us happy, made video diaries about what makes us happy at home and at school and so much more. We incorporated our happy project into our RE lessons about God’s world and thought about why God made the world for us, how we can look after it and what we can do to make God and ourselves happy in the world. We also started our Forest School sessions and the children all agreed that being outdoors in God’s world makes them happy too.

What makes me happy collages
What makes me happy collages
“Running makes me happy”   “The grass makes me happy”




Building homes for the animals to make us, them and God happy
“Looking after the guinea pigs makes me happy”
Drawing people who love us
“We look after the trees to make the world happy. Then we are happy in the world”