Water Aid.

Elizabeth came in from Water Aid and visited Upper Key Stage 2. As there project is focusing on water, Elizabeth was able to take the pupils on a journey to meet different children around the world. They discovered in more depth the importance of clean water, decent toilets, good hygiene and how fortunate we all are. WaterAid has teams in 35 countries worldwide and have helped these countries to create different ways to have access to clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. The children continue to learn that water is essential for life. 70% of the Earth’s surface is water and without it there would be no life on the planet at all. Some people have lots of safe water to use, whereas others have very little. We are able to just turn on a tap and clean water comes out immediately. As part of global scholars, the children have also been learning about their water footprint. They have found out how much water they were using each day, each week and each year. A child found out she has used 887 litres of water each day, 6207 litres each week and 323, 645 litres of water each year! Once they received their results, the children were extremely shocked and decided to think of ways to become more water wise.