Hello from New York!

Educators from around the world (Taiwan, Mumbai, New York, Boston, Paris, Madrid, Argentina, Manchester, Fort Lauderdale, Spain, Kazakhstan and more) came together in New York to discuss ‘Global Competency in a Changing World’. We discussed development and assessment in student learning outcomes to see what else we can do for Global Scholars in our very own classroom. At the event, Michael Bloomberg who is the founder of Global Cities and a former Mayor of New York told us, ‘If all students receive the education to become digitally literate, culturally-aware global citizens, we can ensure a brighter tomorrow.’ John B King, President and CEO of the Education trust and former U.S Secretary of Education 2016-2017 under President Barack Obama spoke and shared how much we need to leverage global education to strengthen social emotional learning and build positive relationships across cultures, communities and countries.

In year 5 and 6 we need to continue being a part of Global Scholars and share as much information with the countries involved. All of the educators including John B King was inspired by our project, ‘Can we provide clean water for everyone?’ He believed it was fantastic that we were also able to share it with parents and invite Elizabeth from Water Aid because of the work we did for Global Scholars.

Coming to New York showed me how all of these different countries appreciate everything that you post, all the information you share and the hard work you put into the project. Let’s continue contributing and help change the future!

Miss Scelsi