Thank You and Happy Holidays!

Dear Parents, Carers and Guardians,

How did we get through our favourite part of the year dodging showers? All the end of year events and celebrations have been enjoyed by everyone and even today our Y6s did not permit the rain to deter them from enjoying the forest! Nor did wet play create the usual flurry in the younger classes – all is calm.  So, safe to say, our ‘Sixes’ leave us with much to be proud of – they have been a strong influence on the youngest Vincentians coming up behind them.

So too have our staff leavers – Mrs O’Neill, Mrs Yatagai, Miss Carey and Miss Capper. We will do our best to hold on to lessons we have learned from them all whilst hoping they will have learned something to take away from us!

We are signing off on this year with so much to be thankful for, to all of you for your tremendous support and generosity, without which we would not be in a position to provide something a little special for everyone.

On behalf of all the staff, wishing you happy holidays and happy families!

We look forward to seeing you on your safe return to the fold on Wednesday 4th September.

Marie Tuohy