At St Vincent’s, we deliver aspects of the curriculum using a ‘project based’ approach. Through this, our pupils gain knowledge and skills by investigating, exploring and responding to an engaging real-life problem.

This method of teaching has developed from pedagogy which states that pupils learn best when they experience and solve real-life challenges.

It fosters active and engaged learning where pupils are inspired to gain a deeper understanding of the subjects they’re studying. They are often motivated due to the fact that each project has an end product which is meaningful and purposeful to them. Our aim is to therefore inspire greater levels of commitment and determination in the children.

Our projects often combine different subject areas together. This helps the children to see relevance in their learning and provides opportunities for them to use and apply the knowledge they are gaining in a variety of contexts.

Each project stems from a question or challenge posed to the children. Some projects may be long-term, others much shorter.

To see what projects our children are working on, please refer to the curriculum maps from each phase group for further information.