Speeding Awareness

Year 6 took part in the ‘Junior Roadwatch Scheme’. The programme was led alongside the Metropolitan Police Service on the Ridgeway. Groups of children from Elm Class stood outside the school with a road safety officer and the MPS (Metropolitan Police Service) where they stopped speeding motorists. The driver then had the option of having a fine, or receiving road safety education (if deemed suitable by the police). The children asked the driver some speed related questions.

Junior Roadwatch gives primary school children the opportunity to take part in speed awareness engagement in their local community near their school. The children worked with Council Road Safety Officer and police officers to educate speeding motorists on the importance of road safety.

The aims of the programme were:

  1. To improve road safety on roads in close proximity to London’s primary schools by reducing incidents of speed.
  2. To educate young children on the importance of road safety.
  3. To change driver-behaviour by educating drivers on the dangers of speeding.