“Together for a better internet” was the theme of this year’s Safer Internet Day 2020. The internet can be an amazing space and resource for many different reasons. However, it can also be a digital place where one needs to be safe online as well.

Children across the school were engaged in different kinds of activities and lessons to raise awareness about what it means to stay safe online. Have a look!


The children in reception have discussed about what it means to be ‘online’ or using technology. They looked at the stories ‘Smartie the Penguin’ and ‘DigiDuck’ to help them.


Some classes discussed what they thought was safe to share online in terms of profiles and created their very own posters as well.


LKS2 were creating posters to demonstrate all their knowledge on keeping safe online and some used the revamped story of #Goldilocks.


Children in UKS2 were exploring how much they knew already with the risks involved with using the internet such as phishing, scams, hackers, etc. as well as how to protect themselves online with how much personal information they share. Some children created pamphlets and e-books to share with others. We also took the Safer Internet Day 2020 Quiz as well.