EducationCity Notice

Having trouble accessing EducationCity? You’re not the only one…

We understand there have been unexpected difficulties in trying to access EducationCity for the ‘Classwork’ and ‘Homework’. This is due to an overload with the number of people accessing the site at the same time. We are not the only school using this as this is accessible in several other countries as well. Please bear in mind that it is accessible at all hours as EducationCity have revised their hours to extend beyond school hours. Also, the content that each class teacher has set does not have to be completed all at once but with a few activities each day.

There are plenty of resources available to explore in our ‘Home Learning’ tab as well especially with offline activities and other online resources! So be sure to have a look at all the amazing shared ideas.

Look for the ‘Home Learning’ tab on our home page!

We continue to thank you all for your understanding and patience during these difficult times we are facing all together.