Are you up for the challenge?

Each week, the team at St Vincent’s will select a few children each week to star in St Vincent’s very own… #HomeLearning challenge!

All you need to do is send in an image of an activity you are completing while at home, whether it be an activity from the Mindful March calendar, the PE activity calendar, the drawing challenge, STEM activities with family, the LEGO challenge, etc. Any activity from online resources or activities your teachers have set for you. You can also find these activities in the Home Learning tab – https://stvincentscatholicprimarymillhill.org.uk/online-resources/

Here’s how to enter:

If you have your USO/LGFL login (this will have your name.302 which is your username) and the given password and log into j2e.com with it and follow the steps below:

Type in j2e.com in your web browser and click on the LGFL button.
You will then be redirected to this page. Please select ‘Normal USO Login’ to enter j2 launch.
Enter your login that has been provided to you (it might even be stuck in your homework book) and enter into the site.
You can either upload by going into the ‘upload’ app or ‘my files’ to upload your image.
The upload app looks like this, and you just simply ‘choose file’ to upload.
After you have uploaded, go back to j2 launch and select my files. Look for the tiny green ‘i’ over the image and ‘share’. If you want to provide a brief description of the activity, click on the speech bubble image to add comment.
Leave a description of the activity in the comments section with the speech bubble.
click on ‘share’
Select publish and share with ‘my class’. Click on ‘add’ and then you are finished!

If you do not have your USO login, you may email it to office@stvincents.barnet.sch.uk with the subject as #HomeLearning Challenge and a brief description of what you are doing in the image. Though we would like to try to reduce the number of emails being sent to the office and would prefer you to upload it via j2e.com

We are looking forward to seeing your challenges!