St Vincent’s Summer Term WOW Work

We closed on the 20th of March 2020, yet our community powered through it all. From online challenges, to adapting to new platforms and usage of online remote learning, our students, parents, and carers have amazed us all.

We have created ‘WOW’ work produced from each key stage throughout the Summer Term. Our students have without a doubt made us proud, and proved just how determined and clever they were at continuing to work through these difficult and uncertain times.

We cannot thank our Vincentian Community for all that they do, God bless you all for continuing to support and help one another. We will keep calm, and carry on.

We hope that everyone enjoys their well-deserved Summer Break, and is ready to face the challenges that may lie ahead of us, together.

First-half of the Summer Term

B.A.M.E. Work Across the School

Second-half of the Summer Term

Thank you for all of the memories in the school year of 2019-2020 from all of us at St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School in Mill Hill.