Rights Respecting Ambassadors

St Vincent’s are aiming to become a Rights Respecting – Silver Aware school. Please click this link to find out more information: 

We will be now having two Rights Respecting Ambassadors in every class from year 2 to year 6. They will represent their class and have a number of jobs such as be the voice of their class, school parliamentarians, road safety officers etc. They will specifically need to help their class learn about the rights, act as role models and hold out assemblies. Reception and Year 1 will also be involved but it will be represented through their whole class.

The Rights Respecting Ambassadors is a representative group of pupils who will be elected by their peers to represent their views and raise issues concerning them. Rights Respecting Ambassadors will bring the views expressed in class to council meetings once a term. During these sessions, ambassadors discuss areas that are going well within the school and areas for improvement. These views will then be fed back to the senior leadership team, teachers and pupils.  

The Rights Respecting Ambassadors through our rights hopes to help children:

  • Enjoy and feel empowered by their education.
  • Feel that their school responds to their needs.
  • Have the opportunity to let adults know their feelings and opinions about things that affect them.
  • Have a say about decisions, and to play an active role in making their school a better place.
  • Develop active life skills through participation.

Elections have been taking place and will continue to take place next week so watch this space.