Our aim is to ensure children develop an enquiring mind and a scientific approach to problem solving, as well as teaching them facts about science. However, we believe that our understanding of God’s world is far more important than just ‘knowing about’ some few aspects of it. Wherever possible, we aim to teach through practical observation and experimentation, rather than theoretically stating what ‘should’ happen.

Our outdoor learning initiative aims to foster children’s love of learning. At St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School, we believe that all children have the right to experience the unique and special nature of being outdoors. We further believe that it is important to enable children to use the outside environment as a context for learning. All aspects of the curriculum can be enhanced through the outside environment and we are in the privileged position of having an extensive area of land to maximise children’s learning opportunities. We grow a range of produce in our Polytunnel and encourage the children to develop their environmental understanding by working towards making St Vincent’s a ‘greener’ school. The children are encouraged to see their roles as Stewards of the world about them in relation to our Catholic ethos; we have staff who are undertaking ‘Forest School’ training in order to continue to develop these skills with groups of children.

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